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Peterson Strobostomp HD

Peterson Strobostomp HD

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  • Highly accurate tuner pedal.
  • Multi coloured display.
  • True bypass.
  • True bypass / buffered bypass outputs.
  • 130+ sweetened instrument tunings.

The Strobostomp HD is one of the finest and most accurate tuners on the market today with its 0.1 cent accuracy. It's not just accurate - it's packed with other amazing features too. You can change the colour of the display to match personal preference, but it's also good if your current colour isn't suitable in stage applications. It also has buffered bypass or true bypass which you can use depending on other pedals in your setup.

There are an array of alternative tunings at your disposal and the Strobostomp works with loads of other instruments not limiting it to guitar. It also works great if your electric or bass are variations with more strings.

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