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Sennheiser SoundProtex Plus Hearing Protection Earplugs

Sennheiser SoundProtex Plus Hearing Protection Earplugs

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  • Two-stage filters give you clear, balanced sound at safer levels
  • Choose from 3 acoustic filter strengths to concentrate or protect your ears from noise
  • Select the total block filter to relax, sleep, or keep ears dry while you swim
  • Get a comfortable, secure fit by choosing one of three included ear tips sizes
  • Reuse as often as you like — just wipe with a cloth or rinse under water after use.

Get balanced, full-frequency sound with all the sonic details that make music brilliant, but at a safer sound level. SoundProtex filters protect your ears, lowering the volume so you can listen safely for longer. Now you can enjoy concerts and festivals — without having to worry about your ears

Some music is best when it’s heard live — but too much can affect your hearing.

Part of the pleasure of listening to music is the brilliance of the sound. Listen too long and too loud, though, and you can start to lose the ability to hear details. Concerts and festivals often expose fans to high volumes for long enough that it becomes a risk to their hearing.

Earplugs have always been a way to protect your hearing. But standard foam or rubber versions have a big disadvantage: they give you really awful sound. So we asked, why isn’t there a way to listen safely — and still give people the joy of brilliant live music?

SoundProtex preserves the sonic details you need to be aware of your surroundings.

Although you need to protect your ears from excessive volumes, it’s still important to have an awareness of what’s happening around you. For instance, to understand what people are saying or hear an alarm. The balanced sound reduction from SoundProtex preserves the clarity of sounds and thus your awareness.

For instance, when we listen to people speaking, our ears rely on higher frequency details to make out the words. Standard earplugs can limit those higher frequencies too much. This can make understanding others difficult. Two-stage SoundProtex filters give you perfectly balanced sound that includes enough high-frequency details for easy conversations.

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