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Spartan Music

Spartan Music 5w Busking / Practice Amp

Spartan Music 5w Busking / Practice Amp

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  • Portable guitar amp which takes a 9v battery.
  • 5w make it loud enough for busking but not so loud that the battery drains in a few mins.
  • Also great as a budget practice amp.
  • Volume, Tone and On / Off drive controls.
  • Can also run off 9v supply (not included).

This 5 Watt amplifier makes the perfect busking or practice amplifier. It has a durable and lightweight construction along with a shoulder strap which means you can easily carry it and play at the same time. The 5w speaker is loud enough to be heard outside, and perfect for bedroom play.

There are Volume, Tone and Drive controls to help you modify your sound. 

You can also practice in silence by using the headphone jack.

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