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Studiomaster DQX4-6000 Digital Power Amp with DSP 4 x 2550W @ 4Ω 1U

Studiomaster DQX4-6000 Digital Power Amp with DSP 4 x 2550W @ 4Ω 1U

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  • 8ohms Stereo: 4x1500watts
  • 4ohms Stereo: 4x2550watts
  • 2ohms Stereo: 4x3570watts
  • energy saving with over 95% efficiency
  • power factor correction (PFC)
  • universal 90-250V power supply

DQX4-6000 Digital Power Amplifier with DSP 4 x 2550W @ 4Ω 1U

The new DQX series, using the same amplifier and power supply platform as the QX series, feature a high quality DSP, with high precision and dynamic AD/DA converters and an informative 3.3” HD LCD screen. Real time monitoring is available both via the screen or via RS-485 connections, with support for receiving AES digital audio signals. Additional features include active power factor correction (PFC) and ultra-reliable soft power switching power supply which will operate universally between 90-250VAC. The DQX series, are all 1U height lightweight designs, weighing less than 13kg. Both 2 and 4 channel versions are available, giving power ratings from 2550 watts per channel up to 5100 watts per channel at 4 ohms at over 95% efficiency. At 2 ohm operation, the flagship DQX4-8000 will supply up to 4 x 5780 watts, making these amplifiers supply extremely high performance, and provide cost effective solutions for multiple install and rental applications, for example, line array systems.

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