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Suhr Riot Distortion

Suhr Riot Distortion

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  • Legendary distortion pedal.
  • Reallllyy diverse rock distortion.
  • Dist, Level and Tone knobs.
  • 3 way voicing selector.
  • Durable true bypass construction.

There is a good bit of hype around this pedal and for good reason. On its surface it's really easy to use with the 3 knobs. The 3 way switch lets you edit the mids from a cut to a boost. This is essential for making small adjustments depending on your gear. The pedal sounds great regardless of which amp you put it into and actually ends up making the amp sounds twice as expensive as it is. It shines at heavy distortion yet never becomes too harsh or abrasive sounding. Its responsive too and will respond very well to your picking.

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