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Tascam DR-05X Handheld Recorder

Tascam DR-05X Handheld Recorder

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  • High quality hand held recording device.
  • Pair of microphones.
  • Perfect for quickly recording vocals or instruments while keeping a good level of audio quality.
  • Audio interface functionality.
  • Simple to operate.

The DR-05X really shines when you want to quickly lay down a track without setting up a specialised recording rig. It lets you set up your own recording studio in minutes.

Still safe if it is louder than you thought.

Peak Reduction works in rehearsal mode or in record. Even if the sound or performance is louder than the sound check you’re safe. Combined with Auto level and Limiter for preventing distortion, you never have to worry.

No need to go through “take 2” all over again

If you don’t like the last part of a phrase you just recorded with your guitar, or if you change your mind and want to rephrase narration, the “Overwrite mode” is exactly what you need. Overwrite mode allows punch-in recording from a desired point. It is destructive editing with one level of undo.

192 Hours. This is how long you can record CD-quality sound with one single microSDXC card.

DR-05X supports a microSDXC card, which can record longer with larger data capacity. If you record a stereo file at 44.1kHz/ 16bit CD quality, a128GB card holds 192 hours maximum. In MP3/ 320kbps mode, it can record up to 896 hours.


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