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Wampler Ethereal

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Wampler Ethereal

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  • Combined delay and reverb pedal.
  • Mix delay and reverb into your tone together or separately.
  • Feedback, Tone, Delay Mix, Delay, Reverb and Delay Mode controls.
  • Max 1s delay.
  • Noiseless soft true bypass foot switch.

Really great sounding delay and reverb in one pedal but still versatile. Using the Delay know in conjunction with the LED you can see the length of the delay indicted by the flashing. Then you can choose the sub division of the delay by pressing the switch - you have normal, triplet, dotted 8th and self oscillating dotted 8th. There's also a switch at the side which can turn trails (when the pedal is off), on or off. It's really easy to dial in great tones with the simple design.

Takes 9v battery or power supply.

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