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We're super happy to be able to bring Wampler pedals to our range! Founded by Brian Wampler who still chiefly designs many of the pedals, Wampler have been cranking out consistently amazing pedals for a while now. From incredible amp-in-a-box type pedals which have become the industry standard, to lush sounding delay and

The Tumnus and Plexi Drive are classic pedals which have received universal acclaim. Wampler really excel at drive pedals but their Ego compressor is also seen as one of the best compressors on the market too.

Out of all pedal companies, they seem especially in touch with the community. Brian Wampler himself is often seen on Reddit and diystompboxes.com. This gives them great insight into what people actually want and ways to always be improving. They seem to be on the border of mainstream / boutique. They’re reliable, innovative, but the vast majority of their pedals are way below the £200 mark. They've got a very generous 5 year warranty too so you really have piece of mind when buying. This stuff is built to last.


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