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Wangs VT-1H Tube Amp Head

Wangs VT-1H Tube Amp Head

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  • Genuine tube amp head.
  • New product in the UK!
  • From the Wangs / Biyang brand.
  • Tone & Volume control.
  • Durable, and built with quality components. 
  • New Electro Harmonix tubes!

Spartan Music are proud to introduce the Wangs VT-1H 1w tube amp head for the first time in the UK. The VT-1H is a genuine tube amp (not solid state) which can get you that real vintage tube amp sound. It's also incredibly small too - it can actually sit in the palm of your hand.

Despite its low cost the VT-1H is great for studio playing, gigging or just practising. It's perfect for those who wanted a tube amp but could never afford it in the past.

Further info:

  • Pre amp tubes: 1.5x12AX7 / ECC83
  • Power amp tubes: 0.5x12AX7 / ECC83, 1x12AU7 / ECC82
  • Speaker output: 8Ω / 16Ω
  • Mains select

Wangs are a subsidiary company of Biyang. They specialise in creating tube amps as opposed to effects pedals.

We don't have any videos of the pedal in action yet, however there are some on youtube.

If you'd like the VT1H, but it's out of stock, please contact us to pre order. 

We can supply you with replacement tubes. Please ask! If you've bought an amp off us before you will be entitled to a discount code. Contact our customer service at for more info.

Pedal Video:

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