New Items in Stock - Micro Guitar Amp & Volume Pedal February 15 2014

We've got two new products to tell you about today - a new volume pedal from Daphon, and a really cool gadget - a micro guitar amp.

Read a little bit more about them on this page, as well as new items coming soon.

Volume Pedal

Yes we know that a volume pedal isn't the most mind blowing guitar effect in existence. However, they can be really useful for lots of guitarists - especially those who are going to be gigging. As we know it's virtually impossible to make adjustments to the volume while you're actually playing.

The good thing about our pedal is that it doesn't need any batteries or power supplies. It's a nice and simple design. Just plug it into your setup and forget about it. Keeping in line with our low cost, high quality philosophy the price, as you would expect, is great too.

The pedal is just £20.99 which includes free delivery as always. Some volume pedals on the market can cost £60 and upwards!

So for a simple no frills solution, read more details here.

Micro Guitar Amp

Not only are micro guitar amps really fun, they're really useful too. As you can probably guess, they're just really small guitar amps which provide around 3 watts of power.

They're great if you don't want to be carrying a full sized amp around with you – these can literally fit in a small bag since they only measure 6x12x12cm. They don't need a power supply either – they run on a single 9v battery (which comes included). Despite the size they sill have distortion and tone control.

They even work with headphones too. So they're great for practically any guitarist as a gift, or just a cool accessory and £15.99 is all you pay.

Check it out!

In the Next Few Weeks...

But that's not it - we've got 3 amazing new Biyang pedals coming in the next few weeks. Watch this space for more information very soon.