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Top 10 Resources & Sites For Guitarists

The web is a pretty big place, and sometimes the good stuff can get lost amongst the mediocre stuff. So you never end up finding it. On this page we've put together a list of the 10 most useful sites we've found for guitarists.

All guitarists are different, so we've done this from the point of view that the reader is a beginner / intermediate player. If you're experienced you probably won't need lots of online resources anyway, although some of the the ones listed on this page can still be useful. Especially if you've never heard of them before.

Let us know if we've missed out any important sites in the comments!

10. Ultimate Guitar

Ultimate Guitar is the jack of all trades really. It has it all; reviews, forums, tabs, lessons, news & interviews. It's a massive site with nearly half a million pages showing up in Google. A lot of the content on the site is user generated, such as the reviews.

This is both good and bad. It can be good sometimes because people put forward their honest opinions. However there are also die hard fans (ok, we'll say it; fanboys) of a certain band / piece of equipment who can post biased reviews. You can also get people who perhaps only have a year or two experience writing lessons or reviewing equipment which they don't fully understand.

However Ultimate Guitar certainly deserves to be in the list for its breadth of content and its sheer number of tabs.

homepage of ultimate guitar

9. AllGuitarChords & ChordBook

We've listed these together because they're both very similar. Yes they look like they were designed in the 90s but they're incredibly useful.

These sites basically list all the chords and scales you could ever want. There are hundreds! You pick the chord / scale you want, fill in the variations, and it displays it for you on a virtual fretboard. They're probably the best resources online for learning new chords and scales.

It's just a shame they're a bit advert heavy. A fresh lick of paint and an update also wouldn't go amiss.

all guitar chords

8. Reddit

If you don't know about Reddit it's basically a social news sharing network combined with a forum where you can vote for, and comment on, the content you like. So the best content automatically gets voted to the top of the page. There are various categories about a massive range of topics, and there's one for guitar (as well as pedals and guitar lessons).

It's definitely worth a look every now and then. If there's something new & cool happening in the world of guitar, then chances are it will be on Reddit due to the power of social sharing. There's also a good community and range of guitarists willing to help each other out.

guitar subreddit

7. Harmony Central

Harmony Central is one of my favourite guitar communities on the web, with perhaps a slightly more mature audience than some of the other sites on this page. It's probably one of the best sites out there for discussing guitar gear and equipment.

There are tens of thousands of user reviews on there, so when you're thinking of buying a new piece of gear, check out Harmony Central first. Because there are so many reviews you get a really good idea about the quality of the product. You can make up your own mind as you weigh together the good reviews and the bad reviews.

The forums are also incredibly good and discuss a wide range of topics; not just guitar.

homepage of harmony central

6. Drumbot

There are some incredibly useful tools for guitarists on Drumbot. There's a virtual drum machine which is a quick and easy way to create drum beats for practice sessions. There's also an interactive chord chart where you can browse hundreds of chords and have them virtually played back to you. You can then drag these chords into a song. This is great when you're writing songs and need some inspiration.

Additionally there's a metronome, a tuner, and a tool which find the BPM of songs. Great for guitarists of all levels.

drumbot applications

5. Youtube

There is so much good stuff on Youtube for guitarists, I don't know where to start. I could easily write a top 10 list of the best Youtube channels for lessons or reviews.

If you're after something, whether it's a lesson, a demo, a live video, or a review, chances are that it will be on Youtube. Even if you want to see some obscure boutique pedal in action, or learn how to teach your cat to string a guitar, someone has probably made a video about it. Video can convey stuff that words or still pictures can't; nothing compares with actually seeing something in action. It's the next best thing to actually holding the product in your hands, or seeing the band live.

youtube metallica

4. Jamplay

There are a lot of great free resources out there. But if you must pay for lessons, go for Jamplay; it's well worth the (subscription) money. They have an amazing set of professionally produced video based lessons from expert (and quite famous!) guitar teachers. These aren't just “let's hit record and hope for the best” style lessons; they're obviously very well thought out and structured.

There are also lots of tools included in the subscription such as interactive chord and scale libraries, backing tracks and even games to aid learning. Consequently practically all guitarists, regardless of level should benefit from Jamplay. So yes, you need to pay, but they are (probably) the best sets of online lessons on the web.

jamplay home

3. JoinMyBand

It can be hard finding band members – most of us aren't lucky enough for all of our friends to conveniently play a different instrument. And even if you are that lucky, they may not be any good! That's why JoinMyBand is such a good idea.

It's basically a classifieds site for finding band members. If you're posing an advert, you just find you local area and write a brief description about you and your musical influences. Then people reply to your advert and you (for example) go for a jam session. Alternatively you can just reply to an avert which is already up.

The site just connects like minded musicians who want to play music together. It's a simple & user friendly site which must have created thousands of musical inspired friendships. It's for that reason JoinMyBand makes the top 3.

join my band main page

2. Songsterr

Songsterr is similar to GuitarPro and Powertab (software which actually plays out guitar tabs for you), but it's based in your web browser and, better yet, it's free! There are thousands of tabs on the site, and if there isn't a song on there that you want, you can request it. All tabs are contributed by Songsterr users which can then be edited by other users (similar to the way Wikipedia works).

This means the accuracy is always improving as numerous musicians work together to make the tab as perfect as possible.

It's a great tool for learning songs which won't cost you a penny, although, paid versions of the site are available which have extra features such as being able to slow the tabs up & down.

songster nirvana tab

1. Justin Guitar

Justin Guitar is an amazing site for beginner and intermediate players looking for lessons. The site contains hundreds of free guitar lessons. These lessons are incredibly high quality too. There are paid lessons and tutorials out there which aren't half as good as some of the lessons and videos on Justin Guitar.

The lessons range from learning guitar from absolute scratch, to learning scales, chords, various techniques, aural training and recording. Basically everything you could ever want.

So don't let the simplistic design put you off, this site is an amazing resource which gives everyone access to high quality & free lessons. The site isn't even plastered with adverts, although there are a few unobtrusive ones at the side. They say there's no such thing as a free lunch well, this is as close as you're going to get.

justin guitar

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