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  • Gift Ideas for Guitarists

    If you're anything like me, thinking of gift ideas for friends and family at Christmas time, or for birthdays, is an absolute nightmare. But if the person you're trying to buy a gift for is a guitarist then don't worry; you've actually got a ton of options!

  • Top 10 Resources & Sites For Guitarists

    The web is a pretty big place, and sometimes the good stuff can get lost amongst the mediocre stuff. So you never end up finding it. On this page we've put together a list of the 10 most useful sites we've found for guitarists.

    All guitarists are different, so we've done this from the point of view that the reader is a beginner / intermediate player. If you're experienced you probably won't need lots of online resources anyway, although some of the the ones listed on this page can still be useful. Especially if you've never heard of them before.

  • Alternative Chords & The Bands Who Use Them

    Chords which sound a little bit different have always appealed to me, mostly because bands like The Mars Volta, The Fall of Troy and The Dillinger Escape Plan rank amongst my favourites.

    Once I was good enough to attempt to play some of their songs, I noticed how odd some of the chords looked. Here I'll share a few of my favourite chords which could be described as “new” or “unusual” to beginners.

  • The Case For & Against Boutique Pedals

    img credit flickr user TheCronan (/photos/cronyn/)

    There are some very strong opinions about boutique guitar pedals. At one end you've got gear snobs who look down on people who've paid less than £150 for a fuzz pedal. At the other end there are those who can't believe people are essentially paying hundreds of pounds more for a basic pedal with a fancy new paint job.

    This article will give you a little guidance if you're wondering whether to buy a boutique pedal.

    Hopefully it will provide a nice and balanced account and give some reasons both for and against buying boutique.

  • What Is True Bypass? A Simplified Explanation

    true bypass pedalsWhen you're buying your first guitar pedals, you'll probably notice one term keep coming up over and over again – true bypass. We even use it frequently in our guitar pedals section. However it's not always clear what it means.

    There's a lot written about true bypass online, and it can get very technical and hard to understand. In this guide we'll keep things simple and tell you about the basics of true bypass; hopefully in clear and simple language and without the need for complex schematics!

  • Multi Effects Pedals - Are They Actually Worth Your Money?

    bass guitar black and whiteYou're telling me I can get 20+ effects, in once device, for under £80? Multi effects pedals sound great don't they? But they may not be the perfect solution that you think they are.

    Not for all players anyway.

    In this post we'll look at multi effects in a little bit more detail and hopefully help you decide if you should buy one over a traditional pedal.