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New Biyang Guitar Pedals in Stock!

We know our customers are always after great value, high quality pedals which won't break the bank. So we're happy to announce 3 new Biyang pedals are in stock and available to buy right now. As usual all pedals have free delivery and a 10 day returns policy.

Fuzz FZ10

Who doesn't love a good Fuzz pedal? The FZ10 has been compared to the legendary Big Muff pedal but also with its own unique modes. However this pedal is a bargain priced well under £40. As with all Biyang pedals it's true bypass.

See it here.

Analogue Delay AD10

Delay pedals are incredibly fun and can be used to make a wide range of experimental and subtle sounds. The AD10 can delay over 1 second, yet it has a great analogue sound. An excellent versatile pedal.

Read more here.

Tremolo TR8

Tremolo pedals aren't one of the most common pedals, but they can produce a really unique & cool sounding effects. The TR8 is from the Biyang Tonefanier range and comes in a cool looking metallic casing. 

We'll be looking at these pedals in more detail at a later date with our “virtual demonstration” videos. Hopefully this will give you a better idea of what the pedals are capable of.

Read more about the TR8.

Who are Biyang?

If you're not familiar with Biyang, they specialise in producing pedals which excel at one thing – value. They've been building pedals for over 15 years and have received some great reviews over that time. They're actually so good, that some companies have been rebranding their pedals as high quality boutique pedals and adding £50 onto the price tag (we'll look at this in more detail in a future post).

They're very similar to Joyo, Mooer, ENO and Moen branded pedals. So they're not as popular as the big brands like Boss and Electro Harmonix, but that means they don't charge hundreds of pounds extra just because they're a “big brand”. We think that in a blind sound test between a Biyang pedal, and one of the big brands (perhaps 2-3 times more expensive), only the most experienced guitarists would be able to tell the difference. In fact, if you do your research on the web, some guitarists even prefer Biyang pedals over the more expensive brands.

We stock two main brands from Biyang:

  • The Tonefancier Range – Tonefancier pedals really look classy with their polished metal design - people will never guess they cost you just £40! They feature high quality, classic circuitry and lots of options for customising your sound.
  • The BabyBoom Range – These are a new compact colourful pedal range which really pack a punch. Due to their size they easily fit onto practically any pedal board yet they still have an incredibly strong metal design.

So that's why we stock Biyang pedals – they fit in perfectly with our philosophy that all players should have access to quality pedals & guitar gear they can experiment with.

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