New Pedals and Brands

We're happy to say that not only have we added some new pedals to our Biyang range, we've got en entirely new range - ENO.

ENO pedals (sometimes know as EX AMP) are a great new range of mini guitar pedals very similar to Mooer. They are essentially clones of very popular pedals such as the Metal Muff, Rat and OCD. However they're available for much less (under £30) and often take up a fraction of the space, so they're great for those of you with little space on your pedal boards. The fact that they're all true bypass and come with free delivery make them even more of a bargain. Here is a list of our ENO pedals along with the pedal they're a clone of, to see the full range just check out our ENO collection

  • BMF Fuzz (Big Muff)
  • CH2 Chorus (Boss CH1 Chorus)
  • Classic (Mi Crunch Box)
  • ES9 (Tubescreamer)
  • BF2 Flanger (Boss BF2)
  • Metalistik (Metal Muff)
  • Myomorpha (RAT)
  • Trinity (Boss DS1)
  • Trouble (Fulltone OCD)
  • Mini Tuner (Not sure if this is a clone of anything, maybe the Baby Tuner or Polytune)

As for the Biyang pedals we've got the new distortion, chorus and phaser from the Baby Boom range. We've also got the Metal End Pro which is a monster of a pedal. Even though it's slightly more expensive than the usual Biyang pedals (but well below the £50 mark), it's still excellent value, and the ultimate choice for guitarists who play heaver styles of music. To see it, along with the other new Biyang pedals, please take a look here, or check out the image below. You can see, just from looking how many options it has to customise your tone.

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