Joyo Effects Now in Stock October 26 2014, 0 Comments

We're really excited to announce that we now stock a range of Joyo products - one of the top names for getting incredible value when buying your guitar gear. Joyo have been making pedals for several years now, and have gradually increased in popularity as people realise how good their products are for the price.

Most Joyo products are heavily influenced by a certain existing pedal. For example the Tube Screamer, OCD or Suhr Riot. However the great thing about Joyo pedals is that they don't just try and emulate these classic pedals, but actively improve upon them too. So if you do your research online, you'll actually read that a few people prefer the Joyo pedal compared to the original (which usually costs £100 more)! Such is the subjectivity of sound.

As well as the pedals we also have some of their other products, such as mini amps and wireless guitar systems, in stock. Keeping with the Joyo philosophy, they also offer some incredible value. They provide comparable quality with products double (or more!) their price.

Currently we have both the new and old range of pedals and amp simulators available. But keep your eye out on our Joyo collection for more new products soon.