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Friedman produce some really top quality pedals, as well as amplifiers and guitars. You've probably heard of their legendary amplifiers which are used by some of the biggest names in the music business. These pedals emulate their fantastic amps, but go beyond simply being an amp in a box. All the pedals offer a great amount of ability to really tweak, customise and fine tune your tone. They've got the professional bulletproof reliability you'd expect too. These pedals really do live up to the hype.

The BE-OD overdrive is their most popular pedal because of how absolutely incredible it sounds. It’s one of our favourite distortion pedals for high gain played in front of a clean tube amp. All of their pedals are good, but the BE-OD (and deluxe version) is just insanely good.

Friedman pedals occupy the high end of the market. Incredible reliability (and 3 year warranty) plus the highest build quality. We’ve not had any faults reported in Friedman pedals we’ve sold so far. They specialise in overdrive, distortion and fuzz. They don’t have a huge amount of pedals, and certainly aren’t accustomed to pumping out dozens experimental weird pedals just for the sake of it. However what they do produce is excellent.


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