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Friedman No More Tears Gold-72 Wah

Friedman No More Tears Gold-72 Wah

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  • All-encompassing wah sound thanks to sweepable three-way voice switch
  • Customise pedal's footboard to set responsiveness to your own personal preference
  • Perfect for the stage with LED light and true bypass switching
  • A legendary effect brought into a modern, supremely usable pedal

Experiment with this legendary effect like never before. The Friedman Gold-72 comes loaded with three sweepable wah voices. These will help you to dial in whichever wah tones suit your playing style best. Enjoy classic, clean wavering on your guitar lines. Make your solos sound like vocal singing. Experience wah with a raw, exhilarating edge when using the Gold-72 with a single-coil guitar. Comprehensive wah sound.

The perfect pedal to take on tour

A unit to enhance your live setup. Friedman have designed the Gold-72 Wah with the stage in mind. They've packed it with a stack of features to optimise the pedal's performance during gigs.

Firstly, an LED light makes it easy to use the pedal when the lights are down low. The LED will indicate when the pedal is engaged or not, making it simple to use the unit in even the darkest venues. Furthermore, the Gold-72 has a convenient, accessible Allen screw adjustment beneath the pedal's heel. This means you can alter the tension of the pedal's footboard, allowing you to customise its responsiveness to your own personal taste.

Never be limited in your sonic experimentation. An internal buffer/true bypass switch makes the pedal the ideal addition to your pedalboard. The switching system allows it to function flawlessly in arrangements of numerous effects pedals. Gain complete creative freedom.

An effect with history

One of the most widely, effectively used effects in the history of music. Wah has been a staple across the genres for decades. Originating in the 1920s, with jazz trumpeters and trombonists experimenting with a "crying" tone, they found the effect could a produce wailing, howling sound that gave their playing a distinctive edge.

It wasn't until the 1960s that the effect began being used on guitars. Once it established itself within rock music, wah was heard in the work of a gigantic variety of musicians. George Harrison used the effect extensively on his solo work following the break-up of The Beatles. Jimmy Page employed wah on Led Zeppelin's superb Physical Graffiti. Jimi Hendrix on "Voodoo Chile". Mick Ronson throughout David Bowie's The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars. John Squire on The Stone Roses' iconic "Fools Gold".

The list goes on and on. Wah has been an integral part of popular music for years. Friedman have managed to produce perhaps the best, most functional, wide-reaching wah pedal yet. Inject some scintillating individuality into your music with wah.

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