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Aclam The Windmiller Preamp

Aclam The Windmiller Preamp

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  • Based on the Grampian Reverb 636 1138.
  • Get Pete Townshend tones on tap.
  • Gain, Low Cut and High Cut controls. 
  • Overload LED.
  • Responsive and cleans up well with volume knob adjustments.

This pedal is designed to be used as an always on preamp to fatten up and saturate your tone. The High and Low cut knobs let you shape your tone and adjust the pedal to your combination of amp & pickups. Unlike the Grampian, the Windmiller is designed in a way which eliminates hiss and background noise for crystal clear clarity.

True bypass construction which takes a 9v dc power supply.

Pedal Video:

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