Artec Telecater Hot Rails Humbucker



  • Telecaster humbucker pickup with Ceramic / Alnico magnet.
  • Coil tappable.
  • 11.5k output.
  • Comes with x3 springs & x3 screws.
  • "Hot" sounding.

This is a Artec Telecaster Hot Rails pickup primarily intended to fit in the bridge position. It comes with the required screws and springs needed to fit the pickup to your guitar. These pickups have great output and sustain and sound great both with or without distortion / overdrive. 

It can be used for a wide range of genres and is pretty diverse. However look elsewhere if you're thinking of playing super heavy / clean styles of music.

The pickup is intended for the bridge position but which can fit anywhere if needed. However please take note of the dimensions to see if your guitar will need to be modified in order to take the pickup. It has the ability to be coil tapped if required.

Pickup Size: 2x3x7.5cm

Colour: Black

Springs / Screw / Enclosure included?: Yes

Connections: 5

Output: Ceramic - 11.5k (TRC73C), Alnico - 11.k (TRA73C)

Pole Spacing: n/a

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