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Biyang CH-10 Aqua Chorus

the aqua chorus ch10
back of pedal ch10
Biyang CH-10 Aqua Chorus
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Biyang CH-10 Aqua Chorus

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  • Classic analogue chorus.
  • True bypass.
  • Blend and spread controls.
  • Slow and fast settings.
  • Durable metal case.

A great little chorus pedal from Biyang which provides a quality rich & lush chorus sound. Controlling the sound this pedal makes is easy. Adjusting the "Blend" control changes how obvious the effect is, while "Spread" speeds up and slows down the chorus effect. You can further adjust the speed of the effect by using the "fast" and "slow" control.

Using these controls allows you to create either a really obvious and experimental sound, or a cleaner subtle sound which preserves the rich tone of your guitar. While off this pedal doesn't impact the tone of your guitar due to its true bypass construction. 

The pedal can take a standard 9v battery or 9v adaptor.

Current Draw: 15mA

Power Supply: 9v DC

Supply Included?: No

Battery: 9v

Battery Included?: No

Colour: Blue

Weight: 350g

Unboxed Size: 6x11x3.5cm

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