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Caline CP-09 Tuner Power

Caline CP-09 Tuner Power

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  • Pedal power and guitar tuner.
  • Chromatic tuner.
  • 6 100mA outputs.
  • 2 500mA outputs.
  • Short circuit protection.

The CP-09 is a really neat solution to powering your pedals as well as acting as a chromatic tuner. Simply pressing the foot switch will activate the tuner LED screen showing you if the current note you're playing is too flat or sharp.

The pedal is well built and feels incredibly durable. It true bypass so won't impact your tone when off.

The Tuner Power comes with everything you need to get your effects powered including the power supply as well as DC and reverse polarity cables. The power isn't isolated but does noise cancel to reduce excess noise. 


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