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Caline first formed in 2010 and specialise in making pedals which offer absolutely incredible value. Some of their pedals are priced only just over the 20 pounds mark that's £20 with true bypass and a durable metal enclosures. Since their formation Caline have added a wide range of different pedals to their range all offering excellent value for money. Note - CP-10, CP-11, CP-13, CP-14, CP-16, CP-21, CP-22, CP-23, CP-25, CP-32, CP-34 are discontinued. However newer Caline pedals have replaced them.

The Pure Sky CP-12, Orange Burst CP-18 and CP-24 EQ pedal are the best sellers because of their outstanding value. They sound damn good considering you’ve paid under £30 and around £40 for the EQ.

Caline really are the kings of value. You may be interested in a certain sound, but that pedal costs £150+. A lot of the time it’s hard to justify spending that much. So Caline pedals are a great and affordable way to experiment. Are you going to get the exact sound with the same reliability? Of course not. But you can get 90-95% of the way there for a fraction of the cost. In terms of overall reliability less than 1% of pedals have a confirmed fault.


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