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Caline CP-26 Snake Bite Reverb

Caline CP-26 Snake Bite Reverb

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  • Reverb pedal.
  • Get a range of great reverb tones.
  • RES, CFR, LPF, PRD, MIX and DECAY controls.
  • True bypass
  • Takes 9v power supply.

Reverb pedals can be very expensive. This is one of the best value reverb (not just slap back delay) pedals on the market. It provides a range of excellent useable reverb tones. The controls have the following functions:

RES - Think of this control as how big the room is that the echo is in.

CFR - A tone control.

LPF - Adds warmth to the effect.

PRD - Sets delay time.

MIX - Sets the amount of reverb.

DECAY - Sets the length of reverb.

Comes in a durable metal enclosure and is true bypass.

Pedal Video:

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