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Caline CP-502 Mellow Drive Overdrive

Caline CP-502 Mellow Drive Overdrive

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  • Great overdriven tube tones.
  • Based on the Zendrive.
  • Vol, Gain, Tone and Voice controls.
  • Great for blues, rock and country
  • Takes a 9v power supply and has a current draw of 50mA

The Mellow Drive gives you tube overdriven tones, but it's not in the tubescreamer territory. Its got lots of lower end and sustain as well as a touch of sustain. This means you can get those sweet Dumble inspired tones at a fraction of the cost! The difference between the Mellow Drive and the Enchanted Tone is that even though they're both capable of Dumble type tones, the Mellow Drive is more influenced by the Zendrive, and the Enchanted Tone is going after the Steel String Singer tone.

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