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Caline CP-508 Wonderland Reverb

Caline CP-508 Wonderland Reverb

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  • Ambient reverb pedal with shimmer.
  • Go from pure to modulated reverb.
  • Mix, Shimmer and Decay controls. 
  • Great for prog or if you want to experiment with a few different reverb tones.
  • Takes a 9v power supply and has a current draw of 100mA

Despite only having 3 knobs the Wonderland can do a hell of a lot. Manipulating the main Reverb & Decay knobs you can start from very subtle reverb tones but this quickly ramps up bigger hall like tones very quickly. With the addition of Shimmer you get to add magical sounding modulated swells. Keeping this low gives your reverb a touch of extra flavour while higher settings really start to inject octave infused modulation into your tones. Similar tones to the Mr Black Eterna.


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