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Caline CP-511 Enchanted Tone Overdrive

Caline CP-511 Enchanted Tone Overdrive

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  • Overdrive pedal based on the Dumble amp.
  • Volume filter and gain knobs.
  • Get a taste of the impossible to find Dumble amp at a fraction of the cost.
  • Especially great lower end!
  • True bypass and metal enclosure.

Caline bring us yet another pedal which emulates a classic amp. This time it's the Dumble which usually costs hundreds of thousands of dollars second hand. It's incredibly diverse; whether you're using humbuckers or single coil pickups you'll be able to pretty quickly find a sweet spot with the Enchanted Tone. The Filter knob is really responsive and will be the main tool you use when adjusting for your setup, it essentially takes you from muddy to bright. At its best when paired with a clean tube amp. Specifically based on the Steel String Singer amp.

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