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Caline DCP-02 Brutus Distortion

Caline DCP-02 Brutus Distortion

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  • Distortion & overdrive pedal in one.
  • Based on the Dyna Red and Tubescreamer.
  • Vol, Treble, Gain (OD) Treble, Lomin, Vol, Drive (Dist).
  • Voice knob for changing the stacking order.
  • Durable metal enclosure and true bypass foot switches.
From the new Caline DCP range. The Brutus takes two of Caline existing pedals, the CP-74 and CP-49, and puts them in one pedal with the ability to change the stacking order. This means you can easily select overdrive into distortion, distortion into overdrive and of course distortion and overdrive individually. There are a huge amount of tonal options with the Brutus, and with all the knobs, you can tweak to your hearts content. It does need some adjusting depending on your amp / guitar combo but once you've found the sweet spot it's capable of some incredible tones.

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