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Darkglass Electronics Alpha Omicron

Darkglass Electronics Alpha Omicron

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  • Bass distortion pedal.
  • 2 different distortions which can be blended together.
  • Blend, Level, Mod and Drive knobs.
  • Growl and Bite switches for more options.
  • Made in Finland.

The Alpha Omicron is one of the best bass overdrive / distortion pedals currently on the market. It can go from subtle overdrive all the way to heavy distortion bordering on fuzz. There's a lot of scope to define your tone while always remaining musical - you can dial in great tones very quickly so won't spend ages trying to get a sweet spot. The deluxe Alpha Omega version does have more settings, but it also takes longer to find the sound you're after.

Takes a 9v power supply (not included).

Pedal Video:

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