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Dr Scientist

Dr Scientist Bitquest Multi FX

Dr Scientist Bitquest Multi FX

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  • A range of 8 unique effects.
  • Built in fuzz / clean mode.
  • Ctrl1, Ctrl2, Tone, Gain (alt Ctrl 0), Vol and Mix.
  • Expression pedal functionality.
  • Top mounted power and audio jacks.

Calling the Bitquest a multi effects pedal almost seems wrong - it can give you the image of a pedal which just does a few different effects to an average standard. With the Bitquest, you get a range of really interesting, and fantastic sounding effects, all with their own unique twist. It has Flanger, HP / LP Filter, Bitcrusher,  Infinite Reverb, Notch Filter, Ring Mod, Pitch Shifter and Delay plus a Fuzz / Clean mode. You can get some really fun & experimental tones out of the Bitquest which are still highly usable. All of these effects individually would cost you 3-4 times the value of this pedal.

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