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Electro Harmonix

Electro Harmonix Blurst Filter

Electro Harmonix Blurst Filter

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  • Modulated Filter Pedal
  • Cool blend of guitar and modular synth.
  • Vol, Blend, Resonance, Range and Rate knobs.
  • Comes with power supply.
  • Expression Mode, Tap Divide and Shape flick switches.

The Blurst is a really interesting modulated filter pedal with tap temp which can really add some unique flavour to your songs. It changes your instruments sound via an oscillator to provide a range of tones. You can go from all out synth tones to extreme filter sweeps, phase, vibrato, rotary and tremolo. If you've got an external expression pedal you can use it to change a range of the parameters. You can define which parameters via the flick switch.

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