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Electro Harmonix

Electro Harmonix Freeze Sound Retainer

Electro Harmonix Freeze Sound Retainer

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  • Note freezer pedal from Electro Harmonix.
  • Infinitely freezes and sustains the current note.
  • Uses a momentary footswitch for ease of use.
  • Fast, Slow and Latch control.
  • Takes a 9v power supply and is true bypass.

This is a really unique pedal and something we've not really seen before. It lets you freeze a note or chord you've just played and repeats it over and over while the footswitch is down. But it only retains that initial note, not everything, so you can easily play over the top of it. Think of it like a simple loop pedal which is perhaps more musical. 

The selector switch controls how long the frozen note takes to fade out, ranging from indefinitely, to quickly. 

Durable build construction. 

Pedal Video:

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