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Electro Harmonix

Electro Harmonix Guitar Microsynth

Electro Harmonix Guitar Microsynth

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  • Incredibly fun guitar micro microsynth pedal.
  • Surprisingly analogue sounding.
  • A good pedal for covering pop songs.
  • Trigger, Sub Octave, Guitar, Octave, Square Wave, Resonance, Start Freq, Stop Freq and Rate knobs.
  • Includes power supply.

A really good way to make your guitar not sound like a guitar. You have a whole host of options available to tweak on this pedal. There are so many potential combinations that you can spend ages playing around with the Microsynth. But it's not hard to find something you'll like. Often used in pop, funk, dance and r&b, but used in classic rock too (think I Want to Break Free by Queen).

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