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Electro Harmonix

Electro Harmonix Nano Metal Muff

Electro Harmonix Nano Metal Muff

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  • New micro version of the Metal Muff.
  • Built in noise gate.
  • Vol, Gate, Dist, Treble, Mid and Bass knobs.
  • High gain distortion.
  • LED shows when gate is active.
The Nano Metal Muff is very similar to the Metal Muff, but it is a new circuit with subtle differences. It has a 3 band EQ and a noise gate (which the Metal Muff doesn't have). The only thing missing is the Top Boost function. But in exchange you get a much smaller enclosure. The EQ is really powerful and allows you to dial in a specific tone you may have in mind. So you've got loads of tweakability - this pedal really rewards experimentation.


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