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Electro Harmonix

Electro Harmonix Superego Synth Engine

Electro Harmonix Superego Synth Engine

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  • Synth engine / note holder pedal.
  • Speed, Gliss, Dry and Effect knobs.
  • 3 way switch with Auto, Momentary and Latch modes.
  • Comes with power supply. 
  • True bypass.

Another really interesting pedal from EHX. This is like a more advanced version of their Freeze pedal. It's great at holding notes & sounds and then transition between them. You can operate it in 3 ways using the switch. In momentary the note is only captured when the foot switch is down. Using latch it freezes the sound, and auto detects new sound automatically and freezes them in turn. With the knobs you can get even more control over this.

Pedal Video:

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