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Empress Effects Reverb

Empress Effects Reverb

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  • 12 algorithm types with multiple variations.
  • Tap tempo.
  • Save up to 25 presets.
  • Cabinet simulator with 3 variants.
  • MIDI functionality.

The Empress Reverb is known as one of the most advanced and best sounding currently on the market. You've got a base 12 modes to start with - Hall, Plate, Spring, Room, Sparkle, Modulation, Ambient Swell, Delay + Reverb, Reverse, Ghost, Lo Fi and Beer. Within these modes there's an ever growing list of variations which are added to via the firmware updates. Tweak to perfection with Decay, Mix, Output, Low, Hi and Thing 1 and Thing 2 which have a different function depending on mode. There's also stereo, MIDI functionality, and SD card compatibility. 

If you've not seen it before, it's not as big as it looks - approximately 15cm, so has a good size footprint.

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