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Empress Effects Tremolo2

Empress Effects Tremolo2

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  • Advanced tremolo pedal.
  • MIDI functionality.
  • Tap tempo.
  • Save and load 8 presets.
  • Mode, Waveform, Depth/Ratio, Rhythm and Output knobs.

This is version 2 of the first ever Empress pedal, the original was unparalleled for its sheer tweakability. Version 2 goes even further by adding presets and a control port - this lets you plug things like expression, MIDI and external tap tempo into the pedal. Rhythm is especially useful as it lets you alternate between strong and weak beat patterns for example:

1) 0000 (normal tremolo)

2) 0x0x

3) 0xx0xx

4) 0xxx0xxx

5) 0xx0xx0x

6) 0x0x00x0x0 (this one is in 5/4)

7) 0xx0xx0x0x0x

8) 0xx0xx0xxx0x0xxx

There also two fligh switches, one controls the 3 core modes of the pedal - Tap Tempo, Knob and Preset. The other lets you choose a Triangle, Tube or Square waveform.

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