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Guitar Gauge Action Setup Ruler

Guitar Gauge Action Setup Ruler

Guitar Gauge Action Setup Ruler

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  • Metal guitar action gauge.
  • Designed and printed in the UK.
  • Metric & imperial measurements. 
  • Rough guide on the back.
  • Curved corners to prevent scratching.

This action gauge is an etched metal card designed to help adjust string height, pole piece height, nut height, saddle depth and more on guitars and other string instruments. It's a great tool if you're thinking of setting up your own instrument, or already do so, and want something to make the job a bit easier.

It has both metric and imperial measurements etched onto its surface so will be suitable regardless of which system you're most comfortable with. On the back there is a longer ruler (65cm/2.5in) and a rough measurement guide to setting up your guitar. This should be used as a starting point for beginners only.

A guide on how to make the required adjustments is not included, however there are plenty of great articles which can be found online. 

The ruler is made from black metal.


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