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HiFiMAN Ananda Planar Magnetic Reference Headphones

HiFiMAN Ananda Planar Magnetic Reference Headphones

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  • The perfect mobile companion - low impedance, high efficiency
  • Planar magnetic driver design
  • Bevelled ear pads - noise isolation and temperature compensation
  • Optimised headband - Beautiful, lighter and more comfortable to wear
  • Frequency Response 20Hz-20kHz
  • Impedance 25Ω
  • Sensitivity 91dB

The HiFiMAN Ananda is an open-backed headphone with a specially designed planar magnetic driver. The headphones' relatively high sensitivity is higher than is typical in a Planar Magnetic headphone and allows it to be driven with some each by conventional headphone amplifiers and even many mobile phones. The Ananda also offers an impressive frequency response range, from 8-55KHz and with all the dynamic realism that HiFiMAN headphones are renowned for.

Compared with previous HiFiMAN headphones, the Ananda features a new headband that borrows from their two previous designs. All of the comfort and even weight distribution of the latter style but the more conventional appearance of the early design., This means you can enjoy your audio in all possible comfort and with their angled pads, you can listen all day long. Sonically the Ananda shares the same HiFiMAN level of resolution and even-handed sonic performance across the acoustic spectrum that you have come to expect. Smooth and highly extended at both ends with their large driver lows can reach deep into the depths for full and robust bass response, while it retains highly expressive mids and delicately airy treble.

The premium earpads also have been specially designed to be thicker with an asymmetrical shape that follows the form of the earcups. The pads are bevelled so that they contour to the shape of your head for superb comfort and extended listening.

The Ananda is meant to be used by a wide range of sources, from the upper-end quality of a large desktop amplifier and yet it can also be run superbly from portable devices, control and finesse all sewn up into a sumptuous headphone with stunning audio quality.

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