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Keeley Dark Side Mod Fuzz

Keeley Dark Side Mod Fuzz

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  • Great sounding fuzz and modulation pedal.
  • Get Pink Floyd style tones.
  • Flanger, U-Vibe, Phaser and Rotary mod modes.
  • 3 fuzz settings.
  • Made in the USA.

The Dark Side is a really good pedal for a minimal setup because you can get so many different tones with it. For the fuzz you can even verge on a mild boost to give you lead an extra push, but crank it up and you've got more aggressive fuzz tone. Modulation gives you great sounding flanger, u-vibe, phaser and rotary. You can either fuzz or modulation individually, or together. There is also expression pedal compatibility which dictates modulation repeats. There's also a delay setting which then uses the secondary mode you can see on some knobs.

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