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Keeley DDR Delay Reverb

Keeley DDR Delay Reverb

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  • Drive, Delay and Reverb pedal.
  • Top mounted jacks.
  • Two different drive modes.
  • Trails / TRS Insert side switches.
  • Vintage / Modern delay.

The DDR is great for a compact pedal setup. You essentially have 3-4 pedals all in one - a Tubescreamer, a Bluesbreaker as well as a delay and reverb. You can mix the drive with the reverb OR delay with loads of tweakability. On the Drive side you've got Tone, Drive and Level, and on the Delay / Reverb side you have Blend, Decay and Time. Reverb or Delay is selected with the flick switch while the other switches control the voicing of the drive and delay.

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