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Keeley Loomer

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Keeley Loomer

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  • Ultimate Shoegaze pedal.
  • Fuzz and modulated reverb.
  • 3 fuzz and reverb voicings.
  • Loads of ability to customise tone.
  • Switch to change the "order" of the different effects.

Excellent modulated reverb tones and a diverse range of fuzz tones all in one pedal. You have focus, Hall and Reverse reverb and Flat, Scoop and Full fuzz modes. Combine these with the respective Blend, Decay, Warmth, Depth (reverb) and Filter, Level and Fuzz (fuzz) knobs and you've got loads of options. The Fuzz side of the pedal sounds like various EHX pedals such as the Big Muff, Rams Head and Op Amp. You can also connect an expression pedal to control the amount of modulation with your foot.

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