LPC210 Vintage PAF Style Humbucker



  • PAF style humbuckers.
  • Ceramic magnet.
  • Coil tapping possible.
  • 16.8k / 8.4k output.
  • Passive.

The Artec LPC210 humbucker pickups are reminiscent of the classic PAF style seen on millions of guitars around the world. However these ones have quite a bit more output - especially the bridge pickup (16.8k). The neck pickup is capable of producing smoother tones meaning both pickups compliment each other very well. They’re are great for heavier and softer genres of music alike and are a great combination of vintage and modern tones.

In terms of construction there are 5 outputs which mean it's perfect for coil tapping. The pickups come with their own enclosure and springs, but don't include detailed instructions or a presentation pack (that's how we offer such great prices!). Instructions are available on request or by visiting the Artec website

Pickup Size: 3.8x6.8x2cm

Colour: Chrome

Springs / Screw / Enclosure included?: Yes

Connections: 5

Output: 8.4k(n) 16.8k(b)

Pole Spacing: 5cm(n) 5.2cm(b)

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