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Spartan Music

Musiwewe Light Purple Delay

Musiwewe Light Purple Delay

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  • Diverse delay pedal.
  • Delay, Regen and Tone control.
  • Range of delay tones from slapback to ambient. 
  • True hardwire.
  • Takes 9v power (not batteries)

When it's time for music making that leans on the side of sentimentality, you can always count on Light Purple and its gentle tones. Plug it in and wrap yourself in a tender take on delay effects that will calm your senses – with a slight hint of nostalgia present.

Light Purple is for those who cherish the melancholic beauty of blues rock and ballads. Immerse yourself in a melodic experience full of delicate yearning and use the Blend control to adjust the delay effect's prominence accordingly. If you're looking for a blend of sounds complementing each other marvelously.

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