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Musiwewe Orange Overdrive

Musiwewe Orange Overdrive

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  • Tube style distortion pedal.
  • Level, gain and tone control.
  • Two way push switch to change distortion type.
  • True hardwire.
  • Takes 9v power (not batteries)

Do you feel like you're ready to amp up your guitar playing? Orange brings a classic tube amp overdrive sound to the table - with a distinctive thickness you'll love during every single second of experimenting with it.

Even when its gain is set all the way down, Orange will enrich your tunes with a refined sound. From there on, it's purely your choice! If you're a fan of tamer music genres, setting the controls low will net you a dry, clean and rather quiet tone for a relaxing session of blues. In case you're more into blazing solos, loud riffs and rocking out to the maximum, Orange will help you achieve the sound of blaring Rock 'n' Roll just as if you were a rock legend yourself.


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