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Musiwewe Purple Blue

Musiwewe Purple Blue

Musiwewe Purple Blue

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  • American style distortion pedal.
  • Level, gain and tone control.
  • Two way push switch to change distortion type.
  • True hardwire.
  • Takes 9v power (not batteries)

Chunky riffs. Fuzzy sound. High gain that will cause you goose bumps from pure excitement. The Purple Blue distortion effect packs all of these into a guitar pedal that will bring the ultimate American rock experience to your guitar playing.

Prepare to jam some tasty guitar solos that will make people blush or indulge in mindblowing rhythm tones that will shake the floor. Purple Blue is loud because it follows the best of American rock traditions – expressive sound, thundering tones and unlimited energy. Not for the faint-hearted, this powerful distortion effect is suitable for those who know what true Rocking Out means.

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