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Old Blood Noise

Old Blood Noise Endeavors Dark Star

Old Blood Noise Endeavors Dark Star

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  • Reverb pedal with extra modulated delay.
  • Pitch, Delay and Crush modes.
  • Ctrl1, Ctrl2, Mix and Reverb knobs.
  • Expression jack.
  • Hold footswitch.

The Dark Star is a reverb pedal, but much more. It has 3 really cool modes for creating incredible space-y ambiance. Ctrl1 and 2 functions depending on the mode. In Pitch you have x2 pitched influenced voices, in Delay you can modify time and feedback and in crush you can control the octave and sample rate of the bitcrusher. As with a lot of OBNE pedals there's a trim pot inside which you can tweak (if you know what you're doing!)

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