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Old Blood Noise

Old Blood Noise Endeavors Excess

Old Blood Noise Endeavors Excess

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  • Combined distortion, chorus & delay pedal.
  • Synth / experimental tones possible.
  • Your chain can be parallel or series.
  • Dist, Volume, Rate / Time and Depth / Feedback knobs.
  • Works with an expression pedal.

Calling the Excess a distortion, chorus and delay pedal really doesn't do it justice. You can get a huge number of crazy but usable tones out of this pedal. There are two main modes you can select - chorus or delay, then you can choose if the distortion is in series or parallel. The distortion itself is very tweakable. You can go from a touch of grit all the way to heavy distortion and fuzz. As usual OBNE have really good manuals and give you some great starter settings to try out.

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