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Old Blood Noise

Old Blood Noise Endeavors Sunlight Reverb

Old Blood Noise Endeavors Sunlight Reverb

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  • Reverb pedal with dynamic hold.
  • 3 reverb modes.
  • Rate, Depth, Mix, Decay and Input knobs.
  • Assignable alt foot switch.
  • Expression pedal functionality.

This pedal is essentially the sister to the popular Darkstar. It has 3 unique sounding reverb tones -  Tape, Comb and Pass. Tape is modulated reverb inspired by tape machines, Comb is delay & reverb and Pass has a bandpass filter between the reverb paths. The dynamic hold is a common theme throughout these modes, it lets new notes come through and old notes fade away. The Alt switch gives you control over the other controls in via the momentary switch or tapping it to latch the setting.

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