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Old Blood Noise Endeavors Visitor

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Old Blood Noise Endeavors Visitor

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  • Parallel multi modulator pedal.
  • Run phaser, Chorus and Tremolo in parallel.
  • Secondary, Rate, Mix, Regen and Depth knobs.
  • Flick switches adjust modulation type.
  • Expression pedal jack.

This pedal lets you use two modulation modes together in parallel. You select your primary mode (tremolo, chorus and phaser) and secondary mode (tremolo and chorus), then blend them together for even bigger tones. There is a delay offset between the two modes which can create some really dreamy ambient delay. One of the best things about the Visitor is how easy it is to make it sound good. Certain pedals have "wrong" settings, but this isn't one of them. Everything sounds good and usable whether it's experimental or more subtle/practical.

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