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Old Blood Noise Minim Reverse Delay

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Old Blood Noise Minim Reverse Delay

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  • Delay/reverb & reverse pedal.
  • Order the "positioning" of the delay and reverse.
  • Blend, Delay, Time, Feedback, Reverb, Modulation and Decay knobs.
  • Octave switch for reverse.
  • Expression pedal functionality.

The Minin has two main modes activated by the two foot switches - delay/reverb and reverse. You can switch the order of these effects as well as using the reverse as a momentary (as well as normal) footswitch. Both effects can be used either independently or in conjunction with one another. The modulation knob provides increasing tremolo / vibrato tones on the reverb. The Minim is great at producing space-y tones but is really good at something more dreamy & subtle too. 

Takes a 9v power supply and draws 160mA.

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